The concept of time is almost nonexistent within the Timescape. Time is there, ever changing and mending broken pieces that have shattered. But the more you try to latch onto it, this "time", the more it falls from your fingers, like sand in an hourglass. Years, months, days could pass on the outside of this plane, while it may seem as if not even a second has passed.

In reality, the Timescape is viewed up by a group that is known throughout the ages only as the "Agents of Time." They are not benign people, more malignant. The Agents are like a parasite, feeding off each and everyone's thoughts and concepts on time. They are hideous creatures often hidden under cloak and spell to maintain a human visage. The Agents of Time seek only to control the Timescape, bringing the world to it's knees.

Time, to these Agents, is nothing and with the creation of the Earth, they have become to despise all who live on the world. However, time is their illusion. They can control it, and distort it around them.

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