The players "home world." It's just as it is now, except that there is a large diversity in races from Elves to Dwarves, Halflings to Dragonborn, and many others. The Earth is far different from how we see it in our real lives.

It's home to some of the most beautiful craftsmanship in tools (i.e. Hammers, Kitchenware, etc.) created by Dwarves. They also take up arms alongside the Dragonborn in war, being skillful fighters. Some work within the police force, protecting the citizens of cities, such as New York or Los Angeles.

Elves have become a staple within the Medical community, although some of them traverse a darker path and become prostitutes or, even, rapists. Some Elves even follow their ancestry and dive into the artistic sides of their race, creating beautiful paintings or music that will soothe the soul of any who look upon or listen to these creations.

Halflings are either the drunkards or the fine tailors, creating tuxedos, dresses and the like for those who request them. This isn't all they do though. Halflings, being kind and concerned, have set up buildings in all major cities that offer a place for the homeless to live, as well as soup kitchens for those unfortunates that cannot find a vacancy within said buildings.

The Dragonborn of this Earth focus on being more militaristic and usually they join the military or some form of work that lets them use this nature, but some are also seen as butlers to the rich, offering their lives to protect their masters.

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